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Oklahoma Tribal Conservation Advisory Council

2nd National Tribal Districts & Conservation Advisory Councils Meeting

2nd National Tribal Districts & Conservation Advisory Councils Meeting
OTCAC Contacts & Officers
Draft Agenda for 2004 National Conference

The 2004 Conference was a great success!  At the request of many of the conference participants, over the next few weeks, we will be posting some of the presentations to this page.   I believe I have obtained verbal permissions from those making the presentations but if you see your presentation here and do not want it posted, please email me and I will remove it.     

Presentations made at the 2004 Conference:

Mr. Louie Dick made a presentation on cultural differences.   It can be found here.  It is a very large file and is saved in adobe format.  If you don't have it, you can download if from adobe's website.


The presentation about the Foreign Agriculture Service made by Mr. Phil Shull is presented here,


The presentation about OTCAC's accomplishments in 2004 is here.


The presentation on Noxious Weeds is here.

Inca has already scheduled the next conference at the Flamingo, in Las Vegas for 2005 during the same time frame.    OTCAC will not be co-hosting.     Hopefully some of our membership will be able to attend.

These are the registration forms for the 2004 conference. We are going to leave them here for a while just in case INCA needs them.

OTCAC received an email from INCA thanking us for assisting in the conference.   While we are not going to be co-hosting the 2005 conference, we wish them well on their endeavor.   The letter to OTCAC can be found here.

OTCAC c/o Art Muller at the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, 41707 Hardesty Road, Shawnee, OK 74801